Praise for Speaking of Apraxia

First-ever comprehensive book on complex speech disorder

(Cover art by local photographer Rachel Larson. If you are interested in Rachel’s services, please contact her at See her portfolio at

It’s here! After nearly 4 years from conception to completion, “Speaking of Apraxia: A Parents’ Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech” was released from Woodbine House in late March 2012 (

What the Book is About: A comprehensive guide to understanding, treating, and living with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Written by a parent for parents, this book will give you a good understanding of what CAS is and how you can make the most of it for your child and your family, all written in a simple, down-to-earth, almost “folksy” style (with some boring, scientific details).

Who Should Read it: Parents, grandparents, early-ed teachers/preschool, elemenary teachers/educators, pediatricians, speech-langauge pathologists, occupational therapists, reading specialists, non-profit groups, those affected by other special needs such as Austism and Down syndrome, and anyone else who cares about a child with CAS.

Why I Wrote this Book: Not for fame or glory, that’s for sure! Writing is hard work. Writing about a complex speech disorder, really hard work!

My first motivation for writing this book was simply that I wanted a book when my daughter was diagnosed with CAS (that’s her on the cover). I found some decent websites out there, but was overwhelmed with the “sorting through and weeding out” to find the answers I wanted. Plus, there were questions that I just couldn’t find answers to on the Internet. I located and read old text books in the field of speech pathology, connected with parents, SLPs and researchers, attended conferences, and facilitated my own in-person group on the subject: Small Talk All About Apraxia. All the while, I was parenting a daugher with CAS and getting valuable insights of my own (and hers!) along the way.

A writer at heart, I came to a better understanding of my own feelings regarding the disorder and gained a better grasp on the subject at hand while writing and researching this book. Call it an unconventional coping method, but that’s exactly what it did: writing helped me cope with my daughter’s diagnosis while giving others a little piece of hope.

I hope you will find the book helpful and hopeful, for that is my goal.

What Others Are Saying….

“Hi Leslie – I just got your book today from Amazon. I have read the first fifteen pages and I’m in tears. I can’t wait to read the rest (but I have a three year old and a nine month old so it won’t be until later today!) ….just wanted to say thanks for writing this book. I can’t wait to read the rest but I wanted to reach out to you. I’m sure you will hear this from many.” –L.K.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m seeing more and more comments out there (all positive!) about your book 🙂 I saw some posts generating interest from a blog giving away your book and saw some posts on the Apraxia Kids facebook page.” C.F. in Indiana

“Hi Leslie, I was so excited to open up my Advance for SLPs magazine today and see your book advertised! (and I thought you would like to know that people are seeing it!). So exciting! Your ‘baby’ is out there. I wish you lots and lots of success with it!” –R.W.

“You and your husband have done a wonderful job with Kate! You’ve opened her world!”

–P.B. in Plainfield, IL

A.M., a speech-pathologist in Missouri shares this: “I already have a couple of families in mind that I am excited to tell about Speaking of Apraxia. What a great resource!”

“Congratulations on your hard work and on your book.” –Pediatric Health Associates of Naperville/Plainfield, IL

“Your book arrived and I read it in its entirety last night 😉 Now if I can just get a review written and submitted. Bravo! Loved hearing your story and know that this book will help so many others with so many of their questions. My favorite parts are where you reference children’s books or movies that you have read or seen that remind you of struggles with speech. We plan on watching Charlotte’s Web and I am searching for my copy of Knufflebunny.” –M.C.T.

“I have read the book & I love it! I think you did a great job writing as an informed parent. I just adore your writing style and point of view. I’m confident that it will be a resource for parents nationwide.”–Amanda, CCC-SLP
Another SLP, Kristin in Florida shares this, “I give you so much credit for learning so much about speech development! I love how you are able to explain everything in parent friendly language, too”

“I must say – I teared up when I opened the book….I was so very proud of you Leslie! It is a beautiful book! I was amazed at the size and layout……just beautiful!!”

“I could feel your blood, sweat and tears as I flipped through the pages (wiping my eyes).Outstanding! I just shook my head in amazement………….I am in awe and I am still kind of speechless…..really! This book will be just one of your legacies…..

well done Leslie – well done!!” –T.K.P, CCC-SLP in Minnesota
“[This book is] about a worthwhile topic that will help many families that otherwise wouldn’t have access to such expertise. It’s wonderful that she has the knowledge, motivation, tenacity and caring to make this book a reality.” –G.G. in San Antonio, TX
“I read most of your book this weekend. It is truly an outstanding book, and I am proud to have contributed in such a miniscule way! Heartiest congratulations! I hope your daughter and family are thriving,” Dr. L.W. from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN

“Congrats! This is huge!” –Deborah

“I am DELIGHTED to hear your book has been published” — A.D. in Texas

“I REALLY really enjoyed the book. You went above and beyond, really. …I sincerely believe this is MUST READ for so many! …. I have a friend who’s son has been dx with CAS and I am hoping she will grab a copy ASAP!” –K.Y. in California

“I just got my copy of your new book “Speaking of Apraxia” in the mail. I sat down and read as much as I could right away. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write this book for those 1% of parents that need it….I can relate to everything the book talks about…There aren’t words to thank you enough, so from one parent to another, please know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” –V.C. in Indiana

“Excellent book by the way! My daughter is 21/2 and suspected apraxia. We are beginning the diagnosis process.” –Beth, Indiana
“I wish I had this earlier in our apraxia journey! I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m more than halfway done and the book is FABULOUS. This is what I needed early on to help me understand what the SLPs were telling me. It seems to take what I’ve read from many different sources and many things I didn’t know and put them into one easy to read location. Way to go Leslie!”
And Wendy shares this, “[Speaking of Apraxia] is very well written, and in my opinion, a must-have for parents.”
“I’m LOVING Chapter 9, and I think you are right on with your ideas. You have hit on all my favorite apraxia resources, plus SO many I have never heard of,” shares mother of 8, Alyson
Baltimore-area based speech-language pathologist shares this, “I have been reading your book…and it is fabulous!”
Grandmother of a child with CAS (and former Small Talk particpant), “Leslie, thanks for every word of wisdom for our families. Apraxia still brings tears to my eyes, cause I wonder ‘why’ and ‘how come’ or ‘why him,’…. hopefully with wonderful people like you we can all understand more.”
This one blows me away, “My name is Elisabete, I am SLP in Sao Paulo – Brazil. I work with children with language disorders and Apraxia. Unfortunately here in Brazil, few professionals know Apraxia. Many children are without diagnosis, teachers and educators and parents completely unaware. I bought your book and loved it, it is very practical and thorough and sure I can use with parents of my patients. Leslie, here in Brazil there is not any site on apraxia. Congratulations for your work, for your book. Thank you. Surely, it will be very useful for all children with Apraxia.”
“A huge thank you for SPEAKING OF APRAXIA. I am loving this book….only wished I had it sooner. I love all of the tips and resources. We even have an appointment with Nancy Kaufman now. I feel like we have some direction. Thank you.” –Mother E.D.
A review of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA by father and writer, David Ozab at Fatherhood, etc. Posted 1.28.13
“Cole’s confidence has grown and grown. I want to thank you Leslie over and over from the bottom of my heart for what you have given my family that brings me to tears.
Have a smiley day Leslie and family” –G.G., grandmother of a boy with CAS
“We went to my sons preschool k3 open house at the public school today. The public school speech teacher had actually bought your book that I had recommended and she said it was better than any college book she had read. She said things in your book would actually assist her with all types of speech issues. I was so thrilled she has taken the initiative to buy it and read it over the summer! Thank you once again for your wonderful book.” ~Lynn
“I really can’t tell you how much your book has helped me over the years. I found it at a time where we were desperate for knowledge and ideas about how to help our daughter. When I picked it up, I really was able to turn the corner in my CAS parenting journey. Plus, your daughter has red hair and blue eyes and so does ours! I totally identified with the book and it has been a life saver for me…just wanted to share this with you and say THANK YOU again for writing this book!” ~Vanessa, mom

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